“For Mamas who want to build a life filled with abundance for their family but most importantly themselves”

Are You Currently Experiencing?

  • Emotional struggles?

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  • Pressure to return to work or work long hours?

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  • Lack of energy to keep up with the kids?

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  • Weight gain or health issues?

  • Frustrating finances?

  • A lack of purpose?

See What The Other Mama’s In My Community Have To Say…

“Hi I’m Lisa Cheetham and I am passionate about helping Mums live a joy filled life by feeling happier, healthier and wealthier”

Lisa is a Mum to two young children, Amelie, 4 & Oscar, 2. Before and especially after becoming a Mum, she has experienced lack in all 3 areas above. Experiencing depression and major stresses in both her internal and external world. After a particularly hard year of mental health struggles, she hung up her ‘accepting’ boots and began searching for the life she had always dreamed of having. A life of abundance.

Through her current Psychology degree and continuous personal development. Lisa soon discovered a pattern she calls her 5 foundations. Great sleep, nutrition, movement, connection and mindset. Lisa practices these every single morning before she starts her day and without having to leave the house.

Seems a lot right? As a busy Mum she never felt like she had enough time for this. But she only spends 1 hour a day on her 5 foundations and is worth every minute of commitment.

But by prioritising and practicing these daily she has:

  • Reprogrammed her negative mindset, allowing her to feel joy and happiest to its fullest. Allowing better connections with everyone around her (Happier).
  • Fills her body with energy boosting nutrients and daily movement/exercise (Healthier)
  • Built a successful sleep coaching business and quit her ‘stable, unfulfilling job’ in just 14 months (wealthier).

She soon released, serving women (mums in particular) was her purpose in life. To see them smile and glow using simple changes, means everything to her.

Through this Lisacheetham.com.au was born. A place where passionate Mums come together, who want to thrive in life, without the overwhelm of large amounts of time and money.

Not Sure where to start? Book a free HHW Assessment with Lisa to see if this would be right for you?